Sugarloaf Reservoir Pump Station – Service Water Upgrade

Client: Melbourne Water Corporation


Through the design and construct team Aqua Metro Services, we undertook the upgrade of the Sugarloaf Reservoir Pump Station (RPS) service water system. The RPS service water system supports the three 1.6MW main pumps which maintains throughput to the Winneke Water Treatment Plant. The project scope entailed optioneering replacement equipment with Melbourne Water stakeholders and incorporated modern design technology to minimise clashes with existing services, as well as allow for construction to be undertaken with the facility available at short notice.

Key  project highlights include the following:

  • 3D terrestrial scan to capture existing infrastructure and equipment.
  • 3D model of the upgraded facility, accounting for clashes with retained equipment and services.
  • Virtual Reality Walkthrough with Melbourne Water stakeholders.
  • In total the following assets were replaced under the project scope:
  • 2x vertical multistage pumps (Potable Service Water).
  • 2x vertical multistage pumps (Raw Water Service Water).
  • 2x Main Raw Water Strainers (Amiad SAF4500, 300µm).
  • 1x Emergency Raw Water Strainer (Amiad saf3000, 40 µm).
  • 3x Main Pump Flow Control Assemblies (Gland Seal, Bearing Cooling and Motor Cooling)
  • 150m+ Service Water Process Pipework for Gland Seal, Bearing Cooling and Motor Cooling Processes (Potable and Raw Water)

Challenges with construction resulted in a staged approach being performed, with MWC stakeholders heavily involved in the outage planning with AMS Design and Construction team members.

Sugarloaf Reservoir Pump Station – Service Water Upgrade

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