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  • Pakenham STP - Capacity Analysis/Plant Upgrade

    Pakenham Sewage Treatment Plant is a 7 ML/d lagoon and activated sludge plant that serves approximately 30,000 people. CMP has undertaken a detailed hydraulic capacity assessment of every element in the treatment process to compare design flows with actual capacity to identify upgrade needs. CMP has also undertaken detailed design of plant upgraded involving works on the inlet pump station, raw sewage screening, hydraulic transfer structures and pipes and activated sludge plant.

  • Waterford/Toolern Creek Development Servicing

    The servicing for over 6000 future residential allotments in the Toolern Creek area in Melton South includes a 220L/s sewage pump station, 700kL emergency storage tank, 500mm diameter rising main (1.7km long), 300-450mm diameter gravity sewers (4.6km long), 450mm diameter potable and recycled water mains including bridge crossing (4.8km long). CMP undertook initial planning, functional design and detail design for these extensive trunk services.

  • Avenue of Honour Sewer Pump Station & Rising Main

    CMP completed the options investigation and detailed design and documentation for an upgrade of the Avenue of Honour Sewage Pump Station. The works included upgrade to a pumping capacity of 250L/s, 7.5km of new 375/450mm diameter rising main and a 450mm diameter emergency relief pipeline. The rising main works included 2 bridge crossings, a railway crossing and non-destructive material testing of the existing main to determine is condition and surge analysis.

  • Mt Martha STP – Hydraulic Capacity Assessment

    Mt Martha Sewage Treatment Plant is a 13 ML/d activated sludge plant that serves approximately 65,000 people. The plant includes channels, pipes, weirs, pits, tanks and associated infrastructure such as screens, pumps and mixers. CMP has undertaken a detailed hydraulic capacity assessment of every element in the treatment process to compare design flows with actual capacity. This allowed the determination of any hydraulic bottlenecks that will require an upgrade to cope with future design flows.

  • Coburns Road Trunk Main

    CMP completed the functional, detailed and construction phase services for the Coburns Road water main, which is approximately 1.3km long and 600mm in diameter. The pipeline includes a railway crossing and a crossing of a major road and has required cultural/heritage assessment, environmental assessments and significant consultation with Council, VicTrack and Western Water to ensure stakeholder requirements are met without compromising the project requirements or adding unnecessary cost to the project.

  • King Road WWTP – Recycled Water Storage

    The King Road WWTP is one of Westernport Water’s main treatment plants which produces Class B recycled water which is used for local irrigation. CMP has undertaken the options investigation and functional design for the provision of an additional 400ML of effluent storage. The selected option included the provision of a new 240ML storage lagoon combined with modifications to the existing lagoon to increase its capacity.

  • Western Water Asset Management Plans

    CMP has completed Western Water’s Asset Management Plans for assets across the entire water, sewer and recycled water areas, including water mains and valves. These AMPs address how the assets are managed and operated at Western Water, as well as states the specific design requirements for the particular assets at Western Water. The specific Western Water design requirements include design requirements obtained from operational and maintenance experience.

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